Actiodine is very unique and powerful sterilizer effective against bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa. It kills pathogens rapidly by interacting with inner cell contents.



(Iodine + Surfactant)


  • Controls water pollution and improve water quality.

  • Controls all type of Viral, Bacterial, Protozoal and Fungal infections.

  • Induces complete moulting.

  • Protects the Shrimp / Prawn/fish from secondary infection incase of wounds caused by external damages.

  • Cures swollen gills, Red gills, Tail rot, Broken appendages in Shrimp / Prawn.


2-4 ltr/ Hectare

MODE OF APPLICATION: Mix actiodine with required qty of sand and broadcast uniformly throughout pond.

CAUTION: Do not use along with other alkalies, soaps and detergents avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and lesions.

Presentation: 1 Ltr HDPE can