White Clear is highly effective formulation of specially selected probiotic strains for control of White fecal matter problem of Shrimps / Prawns in Aqua culture. It enhances the digestive abilities of the shrimp and control the white gut problem. It contains specially selected anaerobic Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium sps., which prevents growth of pathogenic microbes in the gut by denying them access to the gut lining. They trigger the immune system of the animal to produce immunoactive substances against pathogens and viruses.


Lactobacillus sps.

Bifidobacterium sps.

Propinobacterium sps.

Potency: 3 Billion / ml


  • Effectively control white fecal matter problem of Shrimps/Prawns.

  • Increases survival rates.

  • Increases the feed digestibility that improves feed intake even in poor climatic conditions.

  • Improves the immune system of the animal, thus increasing disease resistance.

  • Enhances ability to overcome stress.

  • Improves gut micro flora


50-100 ml per Kg of feed (or) As directed by Aqua consultant

Mode of application: Mix the required quantity of White clear with feed and shade dry for 5 minutes then mix with 10 gms of Bindmed before application.

Storage: Store in Cool & Dry place