Sanisol is a synergistic blend of three different potent broad spectrum disinfectants along with stabilizers for use in Aqua culture. It is specially prepared from Glutaraldehyde, BKC and Formaldehyde in suitable combination to ensure that it provides the maximum efficacy.

Glutaraldehyde has a wide spectrum of sporicidal and antibacterial activity and is active in the presence of organic matter. It is non-corrosive, non-irritant and its low surface tension permits easy penetration and has no residual effect. Formaldehyde has a powerful germicidal action. It is an excellent and reliable disinfectant and sanitizer. It has low systemic toxicity and non-corrosive.

Benzylkonium chloride is a mixture of n-alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride in which the alkyl radicals range from C8 H37 to C 18H37. It has a powerful germicidal and bactericidal acitivity.Increase in temperature and pH will increase effectiveness of BKC. Regular use of Sanisol ensures good health, hygiene and sanitation in farms and hatcheries, thereby preventing diseases to Shrimp, Prawn and Fish.


BKC : 12

Gluteraldehyde : 15

Formaldehyde : 10

Other ingredients :5

Stabilisers : 3


  • Sanisol is a powerful water disinfectant.

  • Reduces viral, Protozoal, fungal, bacterial and algal organisms to a greater extent without altering pond water parameter

  • Prevents and controls all external infections of Shrimp, Prawn & fish.

  • Eliminates external fouling caused by protozoan parasites and algal films.

  • Improves pond environment and pond water quality.

  • Resistant to temperature and bio-degradable.

  • It is highly safe with no side effects.


For Prawn / Shrimp: 2-3 Ltr / Ha

For Fish : 1-2 Ltr / Ha

(or) as directed by Aqua consultant depending upon the condition of pond.

Mode of application: Mix sanisol with fresh water at the

Storage & Caution : Store in a cool dark place. Should not be used along with any other chemical and avoid direct contact with eyes. If contacted flush immediately with cold and clean water.

Presentation: 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr Jerry can