Pondact is combination of Probiotics, Minerals and denitrifiers for maintaining healthy environment in Aquaculture ponds.


  • Rejuvenates pond bottom, restores the productivity and nourishes phytoplankton and zooplankton.

  • Improves and balances the grow- malt- grow cycle without any soft or loose shell problems.

  • Effectively removes pond bottom sludge.

  • Oxidizes ammonia and H2S, suppresses water toxicity and maintains high water quality.

  • Reduces stress and helps in free molting and shell formation.

  • Improves the uptake of nutrients and their retention in the soil & suppress the harmful effects of soil acidity.

  • Maintains stable Algal blooms.

  • Reduces the incidence of diseases and mortality.

  • Balances overall pond environment.


For Shrimp/Prawn: Early 30-60 days : 3 Kg / Acre
After 60 days : 5 Kg / Acre

For Fish : 2 Kg/ Acre (or) as directed by Aqua Consultant.

Presentation: 10 Kg plastic container