Planktolife contains specially selected probiotic strains and minerals, which improves growth of Phytoplankton and thereby improves the colour of the Aqua culture ponds. The selected strains biodegrade complex organic wastes in the Aqua ponds and convert them to minerals by process of mineralization. These minerals helps the growth of Phytoplankton.


Consortia of Bacillus sps., Saccharomyces sps., Lactobacillus sps. and organic minerals.

Potency:     3 Billion cfu/gm


  • Promotes Phytoplankton growth

  • Minimizes pathogenic and unwanted microbial polulation.

  • Enhance decomposition of organic wastes.

  • Constant availability of the nutrients helps in stabilizing the algal bloom till the end of culture period.

  • Increase dissolved oxygen and prevent forming of toxic gases like ammonia and H2S.


3 Kg / Acre for every 10 days.

Mode of application:     Dissolve the required quantity of Planktolife in 50 ltrs of water, mix thoroughly and spread all over the pond.

PRESENTATION:    5 Kg Polylaminated pouch