OXGEN-T is unique chemical composition, which generates dissolved oxygen and adsorbs noxious gases at the pond bottom. The sustained release formulation ensures a steady supply of dissolved oxygen thereby reducing the stress of fluctuating oxygen levels. Increased oxygen levels promotes the healthy growth of prawns / shrimp / fish. It also helps the growth of aerobic bacteria, which decomposes the harmful organic load in ponds.


Sodium perborate - 75%

Calcium peroxide- 25%

Binders & Effersive agents - 2%


  • Rapid enhancement of Dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water.

  • DO stays for longer periods.

  • Sustained release formulation for long lasting oxygen levels.

  • Relieves the shrimp/Prawn of stress immediately .

  • Limits the growth of anaerobic bacteria and reduces harmful effects of toxins..

  • Detoxifies noxious gases and substances such as Nitrites and Hydrogen sulfide.

  • Enhances survival and promotes health growth of prawn / shrimp.

  • Reduces the frequency of water exchange.

  • Oxgen-T maintains activity at all levels of hardness of water.


For Shrimp - Low oxygen level: 500 - 1000 gm /acre At molting stage : 250 -500 gm / acre

For Fish : 250- 500 gm / acre (one metre depth)

(or) as directed by the Aqua consultant

Application:Directly broadcast the DO tablets throughout the pond.

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation: 1 Kg HDPE tin