Oxgen-G is very effective formulation, which increases the dissolved oxygen in the aquaculture ponds. Increased oxygen levels promotes the healthy growth of prawns / shrimp / fish. It also helps the growth of aerobic bacteria, which decomposes the harmful organic load in ponds.


Calcium peroxide , Sodium perborate, Sodium percarbonate


  • Rapid enhancement of Dissolved oxygen levels in the pond water.

  • Detoxifies noxious gases and substances such as Nitrites and Hydrogen sulfide.

  • Enhances survival and promotes health growth of prawn / shrimp / fish.

  • Optimises FCR

  • Prevents the growth of harmful and pathogenic micro organisms, thereby checks the secondary infection

  • Reduce the frequency of water exchange.


For Shrimp ponds:

During low DO level: 2-3 ppm for 3-5 hrs.

During over bloom: 1-2 ppm during night hrs.

For Fish ponds: 1-2 ppm

(or) as directed by Aqua consultant


Mix with dry sand and apply all over the pond.

Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

PRESENTATION:     5 Kg polylaminated pouch