Chemin-Plus is unique formulation which provides essential macro and trace minerals in chelated form that are absorbed very well by the digestive system of Fish. In addition it contains vitamins, growth promoters and specially selected probiotics, which help for better digestion, growth performance and quality yield.


Amino acid chelated macro & trace minerals (Ca, P, K, Na, Cl, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, Co, Cu, Mn)Vitamins and Probiotics.


  • Supplements major, macro and trace minerals for Fish.

  • Helps in better survival rate.

  • Fill up nutritional gap with essential vitamins, amino acids, macro and micro minerals.

  • Aids digestion and improves growth and FCR.

  • Stimulates growth and reproduction hormones.

  • Provides natural pigmentation to the fish.

  • Build up immunity.

  • Better growth and weight gain.


5 Kg / ton of feed

Presentation:5 Kg Polylaminated pouch