Zeorich is superior quality Zeolite with highest cation exchange capacity. It is microporous aluminosilicates used as adsorbents in Aquaculture. Accumulation of excess feed, undigested feed, fecal matter of the shrimps/fishes leads to detoration of pond bottom, the proteinaceous matter decomposes to form ammonia, Zeorich has cations which absorb ammonia and other gases through cation exchange capacity leading to healthy environment for the Shrimps/Prawns/Fishes to grow.


  • Adsorbs bad odour from water and pond bottom.

  • Binds noxious gases like ammonia, Hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide and develops a healthy environment for the Shrimp/Prawn/Fish to grow

  • Rejuvenates beneficial planktons.

  • Silicon stimulates diatoms growth.

  • Makes the pond bottom clean by adsorbing bacteria, suspended solids and waste.

  • Avoid stress and improves the health and survival rate of Shrimp/Prawn/Fish.

  • Reduces turbidity and improves water quality and clarity.

  • Reduces incidence of viral, bacterial, protozoan and fungal diseases.


For Pond preparation:20-40 Kgs / Ha

During Prawn/Shrimp culture: 10- 20 Kgs / Ha based on water depth

(or) as directed advised by aqua consultant

MODE OF APPLICATION:Take require quantity of Zeorich-p and mix with Wet sand and apply all over the pond.

PRESENTATION:20 Kg Polypropylene bag