Brewsac is high purity active dry yeast with growth promoters and Prebiotics. The yeast in the brewsac is with high fermenting and reproductive capacity for use in Aquaculture. Brewsac is a gastrointestinal micro ecosystem regulator that promotes proliferation of beneficial bacteria and reduces harmful pathogens.


As Feed Supplement:

  • Improves growth performance and feed conversion.

  • Improves resistance to infections and under stressful conditions.

  • Contributes to immunity development

  • Maintains intestinal integrity.

  • Natural protein source

  • Economical and sustainable product

For Pond Application:

  • Improves pond conditions with good plankton growth.

  • Reduces water exchange.

  • Enhances aquatic ecosystem.


Feed supplement: 1-2 kg / ton of feed

Pond application: 500 gms - 1 Kg / acre.

(or) as directed by aqua consultant.

Brewing for pond application: Add 10 Kgs of Molasses to 40 ltrs of bore water, mix well and add 500 gms of Brewsac. Keep it for brewing for 24 hrs. Apply this mixture over the pond.

Storage: Store in cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Presentation:1 Kg tri-laminated aluminum pouches